WOD: 9-21-12

Cannot have a gym without it…

Strength:  3 x 20 Front Squats (5 lbs heavier than last week)

WOD: 10 min AMRAP of:

10 Box Jumps (30/24),
30 unbroken Wall Balls (20/14)
30 Burpees
10 Muscle Ups


“WTF is that?!” said your brain just now.  You are cool with the 10 BJs, NBD.  The 30 unbroken Wall Balls are not new, but crappy / manageable.  The 30 Burpees could certainly go jazz themselves, but whatever.  The 10 Muscle Ups are certainly the stand out in this workout…and that is the exactly why there are 10 of them.  The problem is that the Muscle Ups may appear like the daunting task in this workout and they shouldn’t be.  If you declared to yourself that you are only going to get one round or less, then tisk! tisk!.  If you are scaling and feel uninspired by this, use this as an opportunity to work on the strength/skill you need to get that first Muscle Up.  The goal here would be to look at the workout and be mad about the idea of having to do Burpees twice and not be even concerned about the Muscle Ups.  Realistically, there is only one round plus to be done in today’s WOD, but it is how quickly you can get overcome large obstacles that will determine your overall score.

With love,



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